Dear Patients & Healthcare Community Members,

First, we would like to start with the opportunity to assure all of our patients, and those within the healthcare community, that our Providers and staff are dedicated to providing quality and professional patient care.

Jill Polet, APRN, who has been with this Practice for over a decade, has moved onto a new path and we wish her the very best with her new endeavors. We will be working diligently to ensure there is least amount of disruption for our patients, colleagues and associates during a short transition period.

Serina Wisnewski, APRN, will be continuing with the Practice and will be available throughout the week for in-office and telemedicine appointments. Serina also works closely with Dr. Koretsky within the hospital setting to provide care to patients whom they have been consulted to see.

Dr. Peter Koretsky continues his dedication within the field of gastroenterology and is very focused on patient care and providing the best services for his patients for years to come.

We thank you all for your trust in our Providers and staff. We look forward to our continued relationships with each of you.

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