We are providing downloadable PDF files for procedure prep instructions for our patients. Please be sure to fully review the instructions for your upcoming procedure(s). We also ask that you read over and make yourself familiar with the information provided in the two additional documents below that are emphasized in italics. This information will help you be better prepared for your upcoming procedure(s).

Special Notes

Blood Thinners: If you take any kind of medication that may thin your blood, please be sure to notify our office as soon as possible, prior to your procedure. If we are not notified in a timely manner, your procedure my have to be rescheduled.

Insurance Authorization: If your insurance requires prior authorization for your scheduled procedure(s), please be sure to follow-up with our office to ensure it is obtained, before your appointment. For some insurances, your Primary Care Provider will have to obtain the authorization.

Medical Clearance: If you have any medical conditions, such as cardiac disease, COPD, other serious health conditions or recent major surgeries, you may be required to get a medical clearance prior to your procedure. Please be sure our office is made aware of any serious medical conditions, or surgeries, prior to your appointment, otherwise your procedure(s) may be rescheduled.