Virtual Check-In at

Click on the Provider’s name below that you have a scheduled appointment with. Please be sure to verify your device settings & internet speed against the requirements listed below. You can also test your setup with the links provided just above this section

System/Device Requirements

  • Smartphone / Tablet: Patients will need to use their device’s browser. Patients will also need to allow camera and microphone access.
  • Computer / Laptop: A webcam and microphone will be needed. Patients will need to use one of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Patients will also need to allow camera and microphone access.

Internet Speed Requirements

Patients will need a minimum, steady internet speed of 3-4 Mbps download and upload. Patients may experience more intermittent issues if they use any of the following:

  • Wifi: If the patient is using wifi internet, they should remain as close to the wireless access point (usually a router) as they can for the best signal strength.
  • Satellite: If the patient is using satellite internet, they may experience intermittent service, especially if there are clouds in the area or anything else that could interfere with the satellite signal.
  • Cell Service: If the patient is in a heavily fortified building, or building with other items/signals that could interfere with their cell signal. If they experience any issue, they should try to move closer to a window, patio or other area that is more open, as long as they are aware of others around them and what information others may overhear.